The ASCE Capital Branch hosted a presentation led by Simon Hughes, a systems engineering professional with over 20 years of rail experience.

About the Presentation:

In an era of ever increasing project complexity, systems engineering looks to provide success by ensuring stakeholder and customer needs are met. It does so by implementing a series of processes that encourage co-operation and removes ambiguity.

Systems engineering is not a new concept, it has been applied in defense and aviation industries for several decades. It is however, not widely utilized in the infrastructure or civil industries.

Simon will introduce some of the processes and provide a high-level introduction to systems engineering and the benefits it can offer, including some examples from projects that have implemented it.

About the Presenter:

Simon has over 20 years of experience within multiple areas of railroad and transit system design and program management, both in the United States and abroad. He leads UNICO’s systems integration team providing verification and validation, interface management, and configuration control via the IBM DOORS software to comply with project requirements and regulatory agency approvals. He has undertaken rail systems design work and managed civil construction activities, as well as led commercial and contractual arrangements and developed new routes for high-speed trains.


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