The ASCE Capital Branch welcomed professional civil engineers Kari Nelson and Lucas Teani for a presentation on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

About the Presentation: Kari and Lucas will be presenting on how Civil Engineering intersects with EV Charging Station infrastructure installation. They will discuss their experience working to design and permit Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) sites in California and throughout the West Coast. They will cover topics such as the current state of EV in California, permitting and laws around deployment of infrastructure, different types of EV charging projects, the basics of EV charging design, and the future for EV charging.

About the Presenters:

Kari is a licensed Civil Engineer with nine years of experience in both municipal and private development projects. She works effectively with clients, reviewing agencies, and multidisciplinary project teams. Kari provides technical experience in due diligence, planning, utility design, grading and drainage design, stormwater management, and permitting. Kari has unique experience working with on programmatic EV charging station projects to meet local and state-wide jurisdictional requirements. She has consulted on 1,500+ Level 2 and DCFC stations across more than 300 locations in California and the West Coast. Kari is skilled in expediting EV approval processes in many California jurisdictions and has helped grow an EV network providers portfolio from a few pilot sites to more than 230 planned locations in Northern California. Kari continues to manage multi-state EV charging programs for confidential clients, including site selection support, site assessment, civil and electrical design, and permitting.
Lucas is a civil engineer and program manager with eight years of experience providing design development services for various clients throughout California, Hawaii and Texas. Lucas has served as the lead engineer and project manager for national network EV charging station programs, EV charging station hub programs, travel centers, quick- serve restaurants, and dine-in restaurant projects. As a lead engineer, Lucas manages site planning and design, site accessibility analysis and design, drainage design design, stormwater quality design, and permitting through multiple jurisdictions in California. Lucas’ experience is based on a fundamental understanding of EV site feasibility and planning, EV client design requirements and end user design preferences, site
accessibility analysis and design, complex drainage, stormwater design and permitting, and code implementation and execution.

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