Inside this presentation, you learn about an amazing presentation by Michael Anderson, CA DWR, State Climatologist titled “Perspectives on Building Resilience in Water Management – Timing, Pace, and Scale“.

TUESDAY, June 7th, 12 PM PST – Free Online Presentation


Climate change is impacting water management through changes in the timing, pace, and scale of events.  Variability within the year, as well as year to year, needs to be accounted for as water management adapts to this new world.  This talk presented a framework for water management resilience based on the timing, pace, and scale of events.

What you learned about in this presentation:

  • Framework for water management resilience
  • Impact of climate change
  • Water management through changes in the timing, pace, and scale of events


Michael Anderson,

 Michael Anderson is the State Climatologist for California, a collaborative position between the State and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration to provide climate data services for California.  He also manages the State’s Atmospheric River Research Program.

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