Aggregate pier ground improvement systems have been used for over 25 years to provide shear reinforcement for unstable slopes and failed slopes for a wide range of projects, both public and private. Recent innovations in design and delivery methods have resulted in great value to owners and contractors by providing long-term, engineered solutions that save time and money compared to traditional earthwork solutions for shallow slide failures. This presentation will provide a brief description of short pile-and-plate slope repair methods and will use case histories where shallow slides have impacted existing pipelines and infrastructure to illustrate applications where this innovative and minimally invasive ground improvement solution has been utilized to repair failed slopes.

About the speaker

Adam Killinger geopier discover recent innovations in design and delivery for aggregate pier ground improvement systems
Adam Killinger, P.E., G.E.

Adam Killinger, P.E., G.E. is Geopier‘s Region Engineer in northern and central California. Adam has over 15 years of geotechnical consulting experience prior to joining Geopier – a specialized design-build ground improvement company. He completed his BS in Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering at California State University – Chico and received his MS in Geotechnical Engineering from California State University – Sacramento. Adam has experience in business development, project management, ground improvement design, and construction support. When Adam is not working, he enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family


Now, as a Registered Civil Engineer, Bradley has the pleasure of serving as a Past President of the Sacramento Capital Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers. As his presidential term ended, he transitioned directly into a support role in communications to help boost membership and lean into the industry.


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