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California’s Dam Safety program was established in 1929 in the wake of the St. Francis Dam failure in Southern California. Since its beginning, the California Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) has evolved in response to changes in the industry and incidents that have caused a reexamination of dam safety practices at the time. The presentation includes:

  • A brief history of the dam safety program. The program currently has jurisdiction over 1,240 dams. 
  • An overview of DSOD’s activities will be provided including the recent bolstering of the program including the ongoing spillway reevaluation and inundation mapping efforts. 
  • Examples of the independent evaluations conducted by its design and reevaluation engineers covering the geotechnical, structural, and hydrologic & hydraulic aspects of dams. 
  • A light overview of the steps towards implementing a Risk Informed Decision Making framework for identifying deficiencies in the State’s 700 high hazard dams.

About Your Presenter

Dr. Erik Malvick has worked over 15 years in dam safety for the California Division of Safety of Dams. He is currently manager of the Division’s Design Engineering Branch providing management for the application process and independent review of all proposed construction projects related to dams under State jurisdiction in California. Prior to his work at the California Division of Safety of Dams, Erik received a BS degree at Cal Poly, SLO in civil engineering and an MS and PhD in geotechnical engineering at UC Davis.

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