Modern Roundabouts: What? Why? How?

Not all circular intersections are roundabouts!  This presentation is designed to discuss:

  • what a modern roundabout is (and what it is not)
  • why modern roundabouts are being planned, designed and constructed at record rates across the U.S.
  • show how roundabouts can best be utilized to meet various transportations challenges more efficiently and effectively than other intersection controls
  • examine some specific design parameters like location, size, bicycle and pedestrian accommodation and more

The speaker will also walk you through some project examples to further illustrate these points.

About the speaker

Lindsey Van Parys

Lindsey Van Parys is an Associate at GHD and is a registered civil engineer in multiple states and holds a certificate in Traffic Collision Investigation. She has been delivering transportation projects since 2008 and is currently a Project Manager who oversees project operations.  Her experience includes designing roundabouts, streetscapes, trails, roadway/highway improvements, and various other projects. Lindsey specializes in delivering roundabout projects on the State Highway System and has worked on dozens of roundabout concepts and designs, as well as project delivery for projects spanning from California to Florida. She is the current Chair of the International ITE Roundabout Committee and GHD’s North American Service Line Leader for Transportation Services.

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