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The Board of Directors (2019/2020) voted unanimously to donate $2,000.00 to University of California, Davis’ College of Engineering to support their entry in MidPac 2020.


Tactical Urbanism Challenge

Mission and Summary
The Sustainable Solutions Competition challenges student teams to design and fabricate structures based on real world issues facing the civil engineering community. Through this intercollegiate competition, students gain awareness of important issues in engineering practice
which supplement their classroom education. In addition, they gain practical experience in structural and sustainable design, aesthetics, construction cost analysis, safety, teamwork, leadership, and project management. Successful teams in this competition must emulate the following core values which are at the heart of the mission of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to develop leaders in
civil engineering and to serve the public good:

Sustainability. ASCE and its members are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future in which civil engineers maintain and improve the quality of life, without degrading the quantity, quality, or availability of natural, economic, and social resources. In this lens, ASCE has
adopted the Envision program (administered by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure) intended to transform the profession and increase the societal, environmental, and economic value of engineering projects. The Envision guidelines can be found on the ASCE Website
Leadership and Teamwork. The Sustainable Solutions Competition provides opportunities for leadership, teamwork, and networking. It is intended to be an all-inclusive competition, involving all eligible members of the student chapter. Students gain maximum benefit by developing and managing the project as a team. Student teams should develop and fabricate all elements of the project.
Safety. Safety is the priority for all competitions. Students must complete all work associated with the Sustainable Solutions Competition with safety in mind. This includes work at their school laboratories, or other locations where fabrication takes place, and competition sites.
Risky procedures are prohibited. If the structure cannot compete safely in all aspects of the competition, it will be withdrawn from competition.
Ethics. This competition is to be conducted in the highest ethical standard. Students are referred to ASCE’s Code of Ethics, which sets the standards of professional practice by all members of the Society. The ASCE Code of Ethics can be found on the ASCE Website https://www.asce.org/code-of-ethics/.

The rules are intended to simulate a design-build request for proposal which responds to a real world challenge. The sustainability goals for the competition are an integral part of these rules. Each section in these rules is intended to guide the student teams in the development of their contest entry. Student teams should read these rules thoroughly and seek clarifications as necessary. The rules are intended to enable the student teams to be innovative in the development of their sustainable structure. They are intended to be prescriptive but may require interpretation. This document, also available on the ASCE Student Competitions page of the ASCE Website https://www.asce.org/student_conferences/, defines the 2020 Sustainable Solutions Competition and the rules for both the conference and Society-wide Finals.


Now, as a Registered Civil Engineer, Bradley has the pleasure of serving as a Past President of the Sacramento Capital Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers. As his presidential term ended, he transitioned directly into a support role in communications to help boost membership and lean into the industry.

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